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Driving the Most Dynamic Liquidity on Solana
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Our dynamic protocols include


Our Dynamic Liquidity Market Maker gives LPs access to dynamic fees and precise liquidity concentration all in real-time.
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Dynamic Pools

LPs earn from trading fees and lending yield in these easy-to-use AMM pools.
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Dynamic Vaults

A composable lending aggregator that rebalances capital every minute from top lending protocols allowing idle capital anywhere to earn yield.
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LP Stimulus Package
Points tracking now Live
The Meteora community has designed the greatest LP stimulus program ever to drive liquidity and grow Solana's TVL
Expert DAO
Meteora has gather the most diamond handed OGs, and the most knowledgeable DeFi experts to build the most effective mission-driven DAO.
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Check your ownership of Meteora

  1. Only MER holders will be eligible for the MET token claim.
  2. Only MER holdings in the wallet will be considered for MET allocation.


* Excludes FTX/Alameda associated wallets

* Includes 50% of investor/team's unvested MER tokens